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A building is more than the materials used to create it. A room is more than four walls. The space between is yours.

Sara Battelli & Partners was founded to bring excellence to every element of your project, where design and construction can but must not be just the first step. Our partners, masters of all trades from urbanism to anthropologists and marketers, cover any aspect of your construction related project. By evaluating it from every necessary aspect, the result is excellence.

For our foreign clientele we offer measure made strategies to optimize their financial investment in Panama. With an insight into the local construction market and into the local business culture, we help you make your construction related project be a success in Panama.

Our architect designers will do all of the design, planning, and construction utilizing environmental friendly materials. We don’t stop there. Our Panama architects will make sure you receive the highest quality design services that are within your budget while maintaining a high level of customer support. We’re here to answer your questions.

Award Winning Architect Designers

We’re proud to be 2014’s Best Retail Interior Architect Designers in Central and South America. Award recognition received from International Property Awards. This global acknowledgement is proof that our team is proficient and recognizable for our commercial design.

Learn More About Each of Our Panama Architects Below:


Architect , Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Project Manager, Economist Panama City, Panama saraSophistication  in design and evolution are the threads that run throughout my life and career.

From my earliest years, I’ve had a fascination with the world of made things. It has led me to take many paths, learning skills and putting my talents in the service of many disciplines. As a self-taught make-up artist, I practiced the use of color and proportion. Photography  developed my technical eye, transforming my subjects into marvelous beings. I honed my manual skills with the art of jewelry-making. And as a designer, I was inspired by my travels around the world to incorporate artifacts and reliquiae into my pieces.

As my interests and experience grew, so did my pursuit of new ideas and technical excellence. My collaborative work with artisans and engineers from other fields gave me the technical know-how to to develop unique artwork that was always ahead of its time.

Refined design; innovative ideas; technical perfection. With these three elements now working together in perfect harmony, I was finally able to realize the aesthetics of design that are intrinsic to my way of thinking.

At about the same time, my entrepreneurial spirit took flight. I studied Business Administration, and worked part-time with several firms, learning how to put theory into practice.

From the building blocks of economics, my attention turned to the physical building blocks of the  would we live in. This has become the main focus of my life. I studied architecture in Switzerland, and designed several exclusive homes and commercial spaces around the world, combining Swiss technical flair with my Italian eye for graceful synergies of color, texture, material and more.

All that remained was to find the place to live and work, and run a global, multi-skilled firm for innovative ventures. I found it in Panama.



Panama City,Panama.

Antonio is a technical architect with 10+ years of experience in delivering projects of every scale on time and budget. After several years working for large Spanish construction companies, he moved to Panama and is today familiar with the local construction world. His specialities include detailed scheduling of the construction, construction administration, cost control and construction supervision. He is our partner to help you reduce technical risks to a minimum and to avoid unnecessary costs of your construction.




When we want to take you into the future and see the finished project before it has begun, Visualisation Masters are the partners we turn to. This team of Indian designers and programmers specialize in 3D animation, photorealistic rendering, video, animation, holograming, walk-through, modelling and much more, and are always ahead of the curve.




Panama City, Panama.elena2

Elena is a Swiss architect based in Panama City. Her three artistic, yet scientific passions include architectural design, editorial design and photography. Her aim is to bring swiss high-end quality work and sustainable solutions to a fast growing country. She is our reliable partner for architectural photography and editorial projects.




Zurich, Switzerland.

malePeter is our private banking and management specialist. After a successful international career in the most prestigious Swiss banks around the world, Peter now acts as an independent consultant for high-net-worth clients around the globe and is our partner for investments.




Panama City, Panama.

femaleSilma knows Panama like the palm of her own hand. Based in the city for many years, Silma knows what makes the city tick, how it works, and where to go. Silma is our partner for relocation advice and market research in Panama.



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